Ken Dukes Scholarship helps with college tuition

Jake Rogers, Staff Writer

College tuition over the past 30 years has increased a staggering 225 percent. In 1985, the average cost for a public four-year college was $2,810. Now, the average is $9,139.

33 years ago, Medina’s Booster Club recognized how much money college students were having to pay; they sat down to brainstorm ideas and came up with a unique scholarship that aids college bound Medinians. They did not just want an average athletic or academic scholarship. They wanted to reward a scholarship to the most well-rounded student – one who excels in and out of school.

Throughout Medina’s history, many people have made an impact on making Medina the great city it has become. Few have shown as much character as Ken Dukes. Sadly Dukes died in 1981, leaving behind a legacy of being a true Medina Bee. “His ever-pleasant smile and broad shoulders guided many a fledgling athlete to achieve personal success,” said Dr. Tuchek, Chairman of Ken Dukes Scholarship Committee. “Ken Dukes dedication to a cause is readily visible in our stadium complex. His warm memory will live on with us, not to be forgotten.” In honor of Ken Dukes, the scholarship was named after him.

In order to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must meet certain requirements:

  1. You must have participated in the Athletic Program while at Medina High School
  2. You must be a graduating senior from Medina High.
  3. You must be going on to higher education of some type.

Once applicants have met the requirements, they must submit an application explaining why they deserve to be picked to earn the scholarship. The application must be typed or written in black ink and include a letter of recommendation, from either a coach or someone within or outside Medina City Schools. Applicants must write about their aspirations as well. The application must be submitted to the athletic office by April 15th.

After all the applications are turned in, a committee of 5-7 members choose the student(s) who “exemplify what it means to be a Medina Bee,” said Jeff Harrison, athletic director. The following criteria will be used by the selection committee to help determine the scholarship recipient(s): Community involvement, citizenship/character, involvement in athletics while at Medina High School, and the letter(s) of recommendation.

Since 1982, 82 students have been awarded the scholarship: 39 boys and 33 girls. If you have an eagerness to attend college, but are scared of the rising costs, head down to the athletic office and pick up a form. Even if your grades are not the best, your character might be, and that will stand out amongst the other candidates.

Harrison says, “It’s a very prestigious scholarship and shows more about character and integrity than athletic and academic success.”

Do not let the price of tuition discourage you from achieving your goals.