The Medina Bee’s bumpy road to and from Disney


Ashlynn Rodgers, Staff Writer

The morning started for the band members at 6:30 a.m. They had their bags inspected and set into groups to load onto their assigned buses. The process went very smoothly and the band finished ahead of schedule.

With six buses, and numbers reaching almost 50 kids per bus, each student was assigned a number. Soon after, bus captains Kayleigh Birchenough and Logan Usher made a game of it. They timed each roll call to see which group could take attendance fastest. By the time the band got to Disney, the time to beat was 22.6 seconds.

The group was loud and cheerful the whole way down, but when it came time to go to bed, the sleep was well embraced for most. Unfortunately, others just could not get comfortable on the bus. Nikki Di Domenico stated, “You could get comfortable, but when you woke up after 2 hours, you were really stiff and it was painful. Although the ride was painfully long, the ride was unforgettable and friends were made.”

For many members of the band, the Disney Trip was outstanding. However, the bus ride back was full of twists and turns.

Gus Wilson, “It was about 2:30 a.m. when everyone heard a splat on the floor.” One of the Medina Band members had thrown up in their sleep. Mr. Locher, one of the directors of the band, quickly sped into action. He was in the back of the bus in an instant with a trash bag, paper towels and barf bags. He sprung to action as soon as he heard there was a problem. Many of the band members thought it showed how great of a teacher Mr. Locher is.

“ Mr. Locher didn’t even hesitate. He is such a good teacher,” said Di Domenico.

Within ten minutes the students were joking about it all and laughing together.

During the middle of the night, Bus 5 woke up to a big thud and a hault as it ran into bus 2. They stoped over and over. From mirrors turning the wrong way on the outside of the bus to the busses losing each other, there were many stops along the way.

Though the trip lasted 27 hours, five hours past the original arrival time, spirits stayed high and the band still managed to have a great trip.