Getting artsy at Medina High School

Getting artsy at Medina High School

Holly Liatti, Staff Writer

Art is a form of expression that can be utilized in many different ways. For some, it can be painting, others like ceramics, and others just enjoy drawing. No matter your talent, Medina High School has a program for all of your artistic desires.

There have been many changes to MHS’s art program. Since 1920 courses have come and gone. There used to be about six teachers for 2,400 students and now there are four teachers for around 2,500 students.

With around 1,400 students taking art here at the high school, the art program is already extensive, but has potential to grow.

Art teacher Bobbie Foy talked about the requirements of core art classes.

Foy says, “As a student at MHS, you have to have one full credit of fine art which is two fine art classes. There is no need to fear if you’re not talented in art, your art teacher will not grade you for how good your art abilities are.”

Foy grades off of a certain checklist of art elements depending on the type of art media that you are working on.

There are no requirements to take art, so everyone should give it a try. The prerequisite art class is art fundamentals at Medina High School. The seven elements of art and art history are part of the curriculum in art fundamentals. The class is required in order to be able to take other art classes at MHS, with the exception of ceramics.

Perspective drawings for landscapes, portrait drawings, still life, value scales, light to dark mixing, and the color wheel are just a few different components  in the curriculum.

The art classes here at Medina High School are not only for those who have artistic talent, rather MHS and Foy’s focus is to open a student’s eyes to a new world of expression.