VOFT profits go to a good cause

VOFT profits go to a good cause

Liddy Thies, Staff Writer

What do you get when you mix loud music, low lighting and hundreds of teenagers? Answer: $26,773.

On Friday, March 27th an eight hour charity dance marathon took place in Medina High Schools gymnasium. In order to participate, students raised $50 each; five hundred students did just that. To reward the students for raising the money, DJ Sparky B with the East Coast Party Rockers, showed them a good time. It wasn’t hard for the students to enjoy eight hours of dancing with good music, electric lighting, and tons of free gifts.

The purpose of VOFT is to raise money while students gain valuable experience in volunteer charity work. Group officers decide where the money raised is to be donated. This year, the money is being donated to an After Prom basket, the Kiousis family, and Miracle League of Northeast Ohio.

The Miracle League of Northeast Ohio is an organization that helps put handicap accessible baseball fields in cities. The money raised will help resurface a field in Medina so the physically handicapped can play baseball.

VOFT coordinators are hoping to donate to Operation Homes here in Medina. Operation Homes takes donations to build and find homes for the homeless in Medina.

Mrs. Florian, operator of VOFT, said “We are still looking to donate to other charities, to give something back to the communities, and to help others in need.”

The charity dance marathon is held once every two years, although the money raised goes a long way.