Strengthen the chain of Link Crew

Christine Jenkinson, Staff Writer

It’s Freshman year – your first day of school.  A couple days before, you were in the crowded gymnasium with loud music and crazy Link Crew leaders. Now, you are roaming the hallway and need help finding, let’s say, the library. You see a student with a shirt that says Link Crew on it and you turn to that student for help.


Link Crew members are made up of juniors and seniors who are willing to take time off during the summer and school year to help underclassmen.


“I think the point of Link Crew is to extend the knowledge of Medina High School to the freshmen coming into this new world. Another point of Link Crew would be to help the freshman journey be a little easier and more fun,” said freshman, Hannah Smigel.


Link Crew is a program that teaches freshman to be their own person and try new things. They help freshmen learn their way around the school and are always there for their group.


“Link Crew made me feel more comfortable, and I met new people,” said an anonymous freshman.


Freshman orientation is on Friday, August 14 and from 7am – 3pm for next school year. Link Crew leaders have a group of incoming freshmen to tour the school, play games, and talk in the gym.
Your first day of high school can be intimidating, but with the help from supportive upperclassmen, you have one less thing to worry about – being alone.