Mock Crash makes a difference

Jake Rogers, , and

Here in America, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident every 2 minutes. People in the United States need to be more aware of this danger.


When you’re buried, two dates are put on your tombstone, when you are born and when you die. However, the most important thing is the dash in between.  This dash represents everything about you, from the mistakes you make, to the accomplishments you achieve during your life. This is what people will remember you by. You can extend your life by not taking risks that could kill you and those around you.


On May 7th, Students Against Destructive Decisions hosted a mock crash at Ken Dukes Stadium outside of Medina High School. The crash scene consisted of a gray van which crashed into a pole. What SADD wanted to achieve by doing this is for students to know what to do if they were involved in a car accident or witnessed one. First, they had students approach the crash and call 911. Medina’s Police Department then came to the scene, followed by an ambulance. The paramedics displayed step-by-step instructions on what they need to do when they are called to the scene. They even had a helicopter fly onto the field to replicate a Life Flight rescue.


The responsibility of driving is enormous. As soon as a driver touches the wheel, reality sets in. You put your life on the line as well as the lives of anyone in the car. Fate can happen anywhere you go. Why tempt it?


Here are some driving tips to stay safe during the summer:

  1. Wear your seatbelt
  2. Limit the amount of people in the car
  3. Don’t text and drive
  4. No driving under the influence
  5. Park the car or wait till you get home to eat


Follow these simple driving rules and have a safe and awesome summer!