Europe bound: WWII and the Western Front trip

Europe bound: WWII and the Western Front trip

Katie Salai, Staff Writer

World War II and Western Front school trip advisors, Mrs. Erin Dargan and Mrs. Katie Shaffer have been busy organizing the logistics of next summer’s trip. The trip is scheduled to take place from June 13th to June 23rd.

“We are going to close the trip with September 18th being the last day to sign up,” said Dargan. “So we can start having our meetings with everybody who’s signed up so far.”

Dargan has gone on a previous trip similar to the one currently being organized, and she gave insight as to the new locations being added to the trip this year.

“What’s different about this trip that I’m excited for, is we get to go to two new countries (Belgium and Germany),” said Dargan. “I went two years ago with Mr. Spelling, and we took students to England and France only.”

Shaffer stated she has gone to Europe before but not to the locations planned for this trip. “I’m really excited; I’m going to be seeing them for the first time with the students,” said Shaffer.

For the trip, a full-time tour director will be with the group at all locations along with local and sightseeing guides at specific locations.  When asked, Dargan stated that she was the most excited to see the beaches of Normandy along with the Palace of Versailles.

“I love WWII, so I’m excited to go back to Normandy again,” said Dargan. “But, I also really like the French Revolution, so going to the Palace of Versailles and seeing how detailed it is and how much money they spent on building that during a time when people had no money and the government was in total shambles and in debt is just amazing.”

Shaffer was also excited for seeing the beaches of Normandy, also stating students will probably be the most interested in seeing them as well.

“I would say (the students will be the most interested in) Normandy and the D-Day beaches because students tend to be more interested in WWII,” said Shaffer. “I’m (also) excited to see the Tower of London and talk about what happened in London during WWII with the Blitz.”

Along with seeing WWI and WWII locations, students will be able to see other historic eras on the trip including locations from the Cold War.  Shaffer hopes students will nurture a better respect for history and other cultures through their travels.

“I hope that they will have a better appreciation of history, and be more excited about seeing where these things actually happened,” said Shaffer. “I also hope they’ll start to see the world around them… and appreciate other cultures, and see how other people live and how much we have in common.”

Dargan relayed some of the same hopes when talking about the students. She spoke again of the previous trip she took and how the students changed over the course of that trip.

“I hope that they gain a sense of independence, and respect for and appreciation for cultures outside of the bubble of Medina,” said Dargan. “When I went two years ago I noticed a change… from being in Europe, they (the students) seemed more mature and everyone had become friends with each other and it was a really great experience.”

The WWII and Western Front trip is one of the three trips the school will be taking to Europe this year, the other two trips going to Italy and Spain.

“We have really good students here and it’s a wonderful opportunity and I’m glad we have so many options that we are able to take advantage of,” said Shaffer.


For more information or questions about the trip, you can see Mrs. Dargan in room 2219 or Mrs. Shaffer in room 2103. Or you can email them at [email protected] and [email protected].