Recycled Boats Promote Awareness

Recycled Boats Promote Awareness

Casey Myers, Staff Writer

The time for the Medina Junk Boat Float is again upon us. Join all participants on Float day September 22nd, rain date September 25th, at Forest Meadows for all of the action.

The Boat Float, now in its fourth year, is coordinated by Medina High School teachers Mrs. Frawley, Mrs. Niemantsverdriet, and Mrs. Sharon Schorr. The theme this year is “Piratas del Caribe” or Pirates of the Caribbean. This was the idea of Spanish teacher, Señora Schorr.

“There would not be a Boat Float without the initiative of Mrs. Schorr and Science Teacher, Mrs. Frawley,” said Mrs. Niemantsverdriet.

The Float was started in 2009 by MHS teachers Mrs. Sac, Mrs. Balsinger, and Mrs. Niemantsverdriet to spread awareness of aquatic life.

The idea for the Junk Boat Float, “was inspired by Dr. Marcus Eriksen and his junk boat float from California to Hawaii,” said Mrs. Niemantsverdriet.“ His mission of preventing ocean plastic debris inspired me to make a difference in Medina.”

“After hearing about the Cleveland Junk Boat Float through the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, the educators tried to see if Medina could hold its own junk boat float to promote awareness of aquatic plastic debris,” said Niemantsverdriet.

Due to funding cuts, The Float has not occurred continuously since its 2009 inception. The school district could not afford the substitute teachers required for the teacher advisors.

For the past two years, Boat Float organizers have dedicated all proceeds to promote aquatic awareness and recycling.

Last year, two bottle filling stations were purchased with the help of the Medina High School Student Council. This year, the Junk Boat Float advisors hope to buy a bottle filling station for the new restrooms on the Medina Square.

Mr. Jim Shields, MCS Director of Human Resources/ Legal Counsel, is serving as liaison between the school district and city officials to check the feasibility of placing the new bottle filling station near the public restrooms.

In addition to promoting awareness, the Boat Float is also held to allow children and adults alike to have fun.

“Highlights of last year’s boat float was Longhorn [Steakhouse] bringing lunch and the principal boat, which flipped over to the delight of students and staff alike,” said Niemantsverdriet.

“The community has been so supportive of this event and without the positive efforts of the students, generosity of Forest Meadows and administrative teamwork the event would not take place,” said Niemantsverdriet.

For those participating Niemantsverdriet advises, “Testing PRIOR to race date is critical and as long as three students can easily move it into and out of the water they should be okay.”

Good luck to all participating and don’t forget to check out the floats September 22nd.