New Club on the Block


Andy Newman, Staff Writer

“How can I improv my club experiences and college application?”

The answer is in the typo. Improv Club, founded by Alex McMullen and Andy Newman, held its first meeting Wednesday September 16, 2015.

The most commonly asked question has simply been, “What is it?” To take that broad lake of a question and dive straight in, Improv Club’s goal for their members is such: to expand self-confidence, improve people skills, sharpen quick mindedness, and to help individuals stand out in a stack of 200,000 college applications.

The first meeting was seen as a huge success in the eyes of the founders. With over 50 students and even Mrs. Hershey in attendance, the numbers are only expected to grow.

In the beginning of the meeting, students were able to dance out their nervousness with a group of already confident members. Afterwards, the members, including Mrs. Hershey, engaged in a rap-based activity, challenging their rhythm, rhyme, and wittiness.

Members then got to try their hand at a more professional version of improv. Professional, that is, if speaking only like a baby in certain situations is professional.

Following the baby talk skits, in which members acted as adults with infantile conversation patterns in situations such as funerals, marriages, theft plannings, and court trials, Kyle Gottschalk performed a gut-busting stand-up act. Covering silly childhood memories and the advantage monkeys have in a fantasy war against unarmed humans, Gottschalk kept an entire room laughing from sentence to sentence for the entirety of his act.

The meeting ended with an outside project for members, Project MHS Smiles. Project MHS Smiles presents members of Improv Club with new challenges weekly, last week’s challenge (September 16-September 23) is to make 5 strangers smile. This project is designed to not only expand the self-confidence and people skills of the member, but also to bring a general gift of happiness into Medina’s community.

The founders have a vision of Improv Club members leaving MHS to go on to make good impressions on the world around them with their smile, wit, and overall confident demeanor.


Join Improv Club every Wednesday from 2:35-3:20 in room 1203, and follow the club @MedinaImprov on Twitter.