Charvat’s Shift

Charvat's Shift

Zachary Blake, Staff Writer

This time last year, Mr. Charvat was one of two health teachers at Medina High School. Now he is serving MHS as an Associate Principal.

Mr. Charvat moved to associate principal after teaching health for 13 years.  

Charvat stated, “After obtaining my principal’s license, there were all these changes that occurred at the high school and I kind of saw it as an opportunity over the summer, so I decided that I’d go for this.”

Charvat jumped on the opportunity nearly as quickly as it arose. Charvat said that he is as surprised as everyone else about the speed at which things proceeded throughout this process. Mr. Charvat obtained his principal’s license as a backup plan so that he would have a fail safe for his future.

“I’m still dealing with kids, just in a different manner,” said Charvat.

Mr. Charvat discussed how he oversees a larger variant of students, with less structure, with a different type of workload. He has moved from grading papers and handling a small classroom to a less personal connection with more students. He gets to see the development of the kids he once taught, and now sees the other side of the health classes, kids who didn’t have him, but had Mr. Stepsis.

“Having a universal key to every room in the building is convenient,” joked Charvat.

The idea of mutual respect, instead of a joking in a silly environment, needs to be enforced by a principal. He mentioned that one of the toughest parts of the job is having to be seen as a disciplinary figure.

According to Mr. Charvat, “No one likes calling a kid in and having to punish them, but when it all comes down to it, it’s because the principals care about the students and want them to thrive and succeed.”

“Starting next year, there will be new things or ideas to come to the high school,” Charvat stated.  “We just need to give Mr. Harrison time to adjust before we enact change.”

The plans being enacted next year were not specifically addressed, but they have ideas for what they want to do.