Medina Band Show: A kick off to competition season

Katie Salai, Staff Writer

The Musical Bees kicked off their season at the 2015 Medina Band Show last Saturday at Ken Dukes Stadium. Eight marching bands, including the Musical Bees themselves, from across Northern Ohio came to perform at the non-competitive event.

This band show was particularly interesting because it was the first show for Mr. Locher as head band director and Mrs. Blasko as assistant band director.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” said junior trumpet player Thomas Garrison. “Locher already has a lot of experience from being under Mr. C[iulla] and so far it seems to be going pretty well.”

Senior bass clarinetist Rebecca Drummond agreed stating, “It’s not that different. It’s a good transition.”

The relaxed atmosphere of the Bees during most of the show is reflective of the smooth transition. In regards to the Bees’ own performance, band members supplied a variety of answers to their favorite part of the show.

“I love when the block of brass comes in and the woodwinds get to run away and scream,” said junior flutist Emily Murrin.

“I really like the second movement,” said junior percussionist Trevor Thompson. “I like the feel of it, it’s really upbeat.”

The show really began to pick up for the Musical Bees when Mr. Locher gave directions for  a warm up during intermission. The sections divided up and spread out to practice before they would go out on the field at the end of the night.

“I think we’re doing well,” said junior trombone player Brian Pattison. “We could improve keeping our lines straight.”

Other answers as to where certain sections hope to improve: listening to other sections, volume and tone overall, and dealing with the spacing between people while marching.

Considering individual improvement, the Bees discussed a variety of topics regarding their individual goals for the season.

“I want to be a better a better musician,” said junior alto saxophone player Austin Phillips. “It’s a constant struggle between playing and marching and it seems like you can never win.”

“I hope to improve on being a leader,” said Carolyn,  a sophomore mellophone player.

Sophomore Field Commander Jacie Fox stated, “I hope to improve my confidence in front of others.”

In what seemed a matter of seconds, the beekeepers set up the percussion pit. The marchers were in their positions, and the announcer’s voice came on to announce the Bees’ show, “Mana Tiki.”

Although the amount of preparation they put into this show made it all look almost effortless, members of the Musical Bees note that there are always obstacles.

“The most challenging thing is probably staying with the music and remembering what comes next,” said sophomore flutist Katie Shires. “You always have to stay mentally two steps ahead to make it work right.”

“I would say (the visuals) in the drum break,” said assistant director Mrs. Muth, “because they have to be able to do what the guard does, and it’s basically learning a totally new skill.”

In a whirlwind of color and sound, the Bee’s show came to its conclusion. The relaxed atmosphere of the Bees returned as they carried their props back to their stands.

With the show over, the Musical Bees left the stadium after the visiting bands on a march back to the Performing Arts Center. Before they left Locher spoke to the band about this show being the first before competition season.

“The band show is really the time we see the whole show come together before competition season,” said Locher to the band. “I am amazed by what you did here tonight.”


The Musical Bees’ first competition of the season is tomorrow (September 26th) at the University of Akron from 1pm to 5pm.

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