A Gentleman’s Guide to Local Dates

A Gentleman's Guide to Local Dates

Andy Newman, Senior Editor

Are you lost as to where to take your date when you live in Medina, Ohio? Are you constantly complaining that there just isn’t anything to do around town?

This article will be your saving grace. Keep your special someone amazed by how creative and thoughtful you are!


30. Medina Skateland

[3789 Pearl Rd, Medina, OH 44256]

A roller skating date is almost as retro as it gets, but there’s nothing that says the oldie can’t also be a goodie. This date at Medina Skateland offers all the classic aspects of a typical teenage date, roller skating, arcade games, and pizza. The only thing to be aware of is, this is not the place to sweep your date off her feet.


29. Swim Date at the Rec Center

[855 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256]

As it gets cooler and the memories of the heat of summer begin to make our hearts ache, a swim date may be the perfect answer. Medina’s wonderful Rec Center has an indoor pool, and it’s clear to see how floating around a bit might just wash away the stains of autumn and winter. A great date choice for someone that just wants to forget that they live in Ohio for a bit.

thyme2 thyme22

28. Thyme2

[113 West Smith Road, Parking Off S. Court St., Medina, OH 44256]

If indecisive describes either your date or yourself, Thyme2 (read as Thyme Squared) is an excellent location for a date. Whether you’d like fine dining or a casual meal, both meal-types are served in the downstairs pub of the building. Of course, if a fancier atmosphere is more your style, it’s only a staircase away. The upstairs of Thyme2 gives off that classic white-tablecloth feeling.


high volthigh volt2

27. High Voltage Indoor Karting

[333 Foundry St, Medina, OH 44256]

What says youth better than speed and adrenaline? With a visit to High Voltage Karting, you and your date could experience the fruits of youth at their ripest. Race around twists and turns in state-of-the-art karts, before hitting the straight away and blasting the accelerator to hit your top speed. Of course, excuse the wordplay, this date could easily accommodate a group date, the more the merrier! Or at least more people to leave in your dust.


26. Candlelight Walk

Coming soon to the Medina Square (November 20, 21, and 22 of 2015) the candlelight walk offers a great date option for you and your special someone to dive into the winter season hand in hand. The weekend will feature lovely live holiday music, which will act as background music to the success of your date. Other features will include, the tree lighting on the 20th, Santa’s arrival on the 21st, and the candle ceremony itself  on the 22nd. After warming up later you’ll say, “What a great holidate!”

all fired upall fired up2

25. All Fired Up!

[233 S Court St, Medina, OH 44256]

Perfect for the artistic and fun for the everyman, paint a ceramic piece at All Fired Up. This is a wonderful date if you want to send something home with your date that he/she will be guaranteed to love, because it is his/hers own creation. All Fired Up is especially nice in the winter, the lights in the trees outside illuminate the romance of escaping the cold for arts and crafts.


24. Regal 16

[200 W Reagan Pkwy, Medina, OH 44256]

Even if a movie date isn’t your thing, it would be silly not to take advantage of Regal 16’s half-priced movies on Tuesdays and Sundays. However, the movie date is always a great choice for those that feel they can’t quite yet carry on conversation for hours at a time. So if you or your date suffer from a little bit of shyness, relieve the stress of the date by choosing a movie you’ll both enjoy.

the bookshelfthe bookshelf2

23. The Bookshelf

[105 W Liberty St, Medina, OH 44256]

If you and your date are literature enthusiasts, stop into The Bookshelf and explore a world of the written word. With staggeringly low prices, you and your date alike will be able to pick up several novels each easily. Nothing shows more about a person than what interests him/her, and there is no better way to expose those interests, than to see what he/she will select off a shelf.

Alien vacationAlien vacation2

22. Alien Vacation Mini Golf

[260 S Court St, Medina, OH 44256]

Relatively new to Medina Square is Alien Vacation Mini Golf, a putt-putt course that has been widely regarded as “out of this world”. Although the outside appears small, the inside contrasts that thought entirely. You and your date will follow a few aliens across the world, which allows for a huge variety between holes. You’ll even have the option to go on your adventure with 3D glasses, permitting the aliens to jump off the brightly painted walls.

21. Mapleside Farms

Enjoy the many activities available at Mapleside Farms where the fall ambiance can be fully appreciated. Focusing less on spooky and more on fun, Mapleside includes corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and costume contests. You and your date could spend the end of Halloween season here if you appreciate a more family-friendly environment.  



20. Dan’s Dogs

[111 W Liberty St, Medina, OH 44256]

Step back into a 50’s style diner with your date when you walk through the doors of Dan’s Dogs. The soft pink undertones of the entire diner will illuminate your date with a gently romantic light. As you chat with your date, explore one of the many different hot dogs available and maybe a basket of fries. Should be a great place to spark a little “puppy” love.


19. AMF Lanes

[201 Harding St, Medina, OH 44256]

If you’ve lived in Medina for over 5 years there’s almost a guarantee you’ve visited AMF Lanes, the main bowling business around here. It’s a great place, clean, easy to access, and not overly pricey. The real gem; however, seems to be overlooked by most of the population. $2 Tuesdays, where games and shoes are just $2 each. There is almost no better wallet-friendly date it seems. So roll on into AMF Lanes, and roll out with a good date experience and your wallet hardly-the-lighter.


18. Apple Cabin

[7665 Lafayette Rd. SR 42 Lodi, OH 44254, Lodi, OH 44254]

Nightmare in the Wilderness, the haunted trail at more commonly referred to as Apple Cabin, has been terrorizing people annually since 1993. Experience the fear and horror with your someone special and take part in a tradition that continues to bring in “new blood”. If you survive the trail, you and your date can decompress with apple cider and caramel apples.


17. Allardale Park

[401 Remsen Road, Medina OH 44256]

A more open park, Allardale allows for a very comfortable picnicking date. Enjoy a warm blanket with your date over a meal you prepared yourself as the fall leaves continue to float down around you. A picnicking date is perfect for the warmest of people.


16. Lester Rail Trail

[3654 Lester Road Medina, OH 44256]

With the seasons beginning to turn cooler, a bike ride might be a refreshing way to experience the autumn breeze. For a great bike path in Medina, turn to Lester Rail Trail, a woodland bordered limestone trail stretching for 3 miles. A biking date may not hold much conversation in itself, but it can show off your active side and bring an essence of free-spiritedness.


15. Marie’s Cafe

[117 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256]

Perfect for a weekend breakfast date, Marie’s offers a homey setting and a pleasant staff. The comfy setting allows you and your date to settle in easily. A breakfast date is also a great way to break out of the typical date-night mold. So make yourself stand out, and enjoy a pancake while you do it!


14. Laser tag at Laser Quest

[80 Brookmont Rd, Akron, OH 44333]

For a action-packed date, Laser Quest offers an opportunity to bond over battle. Take on the world with your date at one side and a laser gun on the other, or engage in a friendly competition to see who’s the superior soldier. Laser Quest is a great place to bring out the kid in someone, and a quality place to spend an hour or two.


13. Something’s Popping

[47 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256]

Retro sodas, candy, fudge, and popcorn, Something’s Popping is doing something right. Maybe not a place to spend an entire date, but a perfect last stop. Your date will find something in the place to love, in addition to you, of course.


12. P.J. Marley’s

[119 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256]

How does a great burger place stand out from other great burger places? P.J. Marley’s does it by setting, and an old bank makes the perfect impression. Adding to their fantastic atmosphere, P.J. Marley’s asks you to challenge your taste buds with their unique burgers. Don’t worry, if your date isn’t adventurous, Marley’s does a solid job on a straight-up classic burger. To add to the oldie setting, sit down with a chilled glass of rootbeer as you gaze into the gigantic antique safe.


11. Blue Heron Abandoned Golf Course

[3227 Blue Heron Trce, Medina, OH 44256]

Now a public park, Blue Heron’s Abandoned Golf Course is a fun and spooky place to take your date. Share ghost stories, watch the sunset over the tall grasses, or throw down a picnic blanket next to the 16th hole, and have a good time with any of it. This destination adds a chill and slightly rebellious air to the date (as long as you don’t tell them it’s a public park).






10. Medina Antique Mall

[2797 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256]

This date is for a very specific type of person, but if you’re looking for a creative spot to spark nostalgia, the Antique Mall is the place for you. Ranging from cool antique toys to oldie style cafe signs, it’s simply a cool place to explore and maybe pick up a unique trinket. Earn style points by showing off your favorite memories in a nostalgic setting, allowing your date to feel comfortable to share their own.


9. Geig’s Apple Orchard

[8468 Wooster Pike, Seville, OH 44273]

The end all, be all, date in the fall is apple picking. Go to Geigs Apple Orchard for a complete autumn experience involving apple picking, pumpkin patches, and tractor hayrides. Whether you and your date pick a bundle of apples or just enjoy the seasonal atmosphere, you’re guaranteed for a good time.


8. Cool Beans

[103 W Liberty St, Medina, OH 44256]

With autumn descending upon Medina, and winter quickly approaching, take your date to warm up at Cool Beans with a hot chocolate or coffee. Cool Beans is a strong presence on the square as a neat cafe which mainly soups and sandwiches. It is a perfect setting for a date where conversation will be king; show off your personality and explore your date’s over a refreshing retro soda.


7. Whipp’s Ledges

 [Hinckley Lake Loop Trail, Hinckley, OH 44233]

For a unique nature exploration, take your date to Whipps Ledges. If you and your date are looking to take amazing nature-oriented pictures, explore some incredible trails, or partake in an adventure-style picnic, this is your setting. Whipps is home to some large accessible rocks, giant swooping trees, and, in the fall, breathtaking leaves.


6. Swenson’s Drive-In

[40 Brookmont Rd, Akron, OH 44333]

As a date, Swenson’s has a cool retro feel. As a drive-in, I personally believe Swenson’s is one of the best burgers around. Watch as your server sprints to your aid, then sprints back to take your order to the cooks. Then sit back and tune in to some music as your date swoons over how smooth and vintage you can be.


5. Grandpa’s Cheesebarn

[3916 S Cleveland Massillon Rd, Barberton, OH 44203]

Fantastic for a fall date, Grandpa’s Cheesebarn feels exactly like that, a homey barn owned by your grandfather. If cheese isn’t your forte the barn offers a plethora of ciders, ice creams, popcorns, meats, and almost anything you could think of. Possibly the best part about it is Grandma has her own neighboring barn filled only with sweets, a fantastic way to send your date home with a sugary keepsake.


Chill [11 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256]


Handel’s [1050 S Court St, Medina, OH 44256]


Lemonberry [201 S Court St, Medina, OH 44256]

4. Ice Cream Date

Who can go wrong with an ice cream date? (Aside from our poor lactose-intolerant friends) Taking your date to get ice cream is a very classic way to end a date. The question then becomes, to which of the fine frozen establishments in Medina should one take a date? If you’re looking for creative flavors and the freshest face on the square, Chill would be your choice. If an outdoor setting and a wide variety of choices is desirable, Handel’s is the place to go. Lemonberry would be perfect for the topping lover and someone that desires the control to be in their hands.


3. Rinky Dink

[2390 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256]

Between two mini-golf courses, bumper boats, go-karting, and even an arcade, take your date to Rinky Dink for a classic summer feel. Choose between the Wonders or Waterfall course to explore either the wonders of the world or classic favorites such as three blind mice.


2. Courthouse Pizzeria

[2 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256 ]

New to the square as of the summer of 2015, CourtHouse Pizzeria is a great new establishment run by a friendly staff. CourtHouse is a very teen-friendly environment with low prices for a lot of pizza. Take a date or even a double date to this fun and Medina-oriented restaurant. 


1. Buckeye Woods

[6335 Wedgewood Rd, Medina, OH 44256]

Buckeye Woods Park, named for its grove of buckeye trees along the stream of the nature reserve, is a great place to take a special someone who wants to experience the tranquility of nature. For a calm nature walk, a 3.95-mile long asphalt and crushed-limestone path named the Chippewa Inlet Trail is available. For a more active date, fishing in the pond is one possibility. Another active date could include cycling along the paths near the soccer and softball fields.

Come back next week for five more!