Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Rachel Hlad, Senior Editor

The transition from middle school to high school is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. With more freedom and responsibilities, students are adjusting to the new environment.

Throughout middle school, teachers are preparing students for high school. The endless lectures of what to expect, what not to expect, the necessity to mature and so on. To say the least, it can get a little bit intimidating.

Upperclassmen understand the nerves of freshmen entering a new school that has a completely different environment than being in middle school. New rules, more freedom, different schedules, bigger school – it is an exciting time in a teenager’s life but can be overwhelming at times.

Take a look around the halls when you’re going from class to class – it can get hectic trying to get around the building no matter what grade you’re in. Now imagine you’re back to being a freshman and it’s you’re first day of high school.

“The hardest part about entering a new school would be finding all my classes,” said freshmen Bryce Laurenti.

Thankfully the freshmen won’t go through their transition alone. Upperclassmen have all gone through the same experience of entering a new school.

Link Crew members dedicate their summers and school year to help freshmen transition and adapt to the high school. All juniors and seniors are eligible to join Link Crew, giving their advice to the new MHS students.

“It was great to see my classes, meet new people and have nice link crew leaders,” said freshmen Alexis Pruitt.

Don’t miss out on your freshmen year. Get involved, meet new friends and try something new. Start off the beginning of your four years in high school with a good start.

The freshmen have had a few weeks to settle in, therefore, it is a good time to learn more information on clubs. Visit the hub for more details or visit MHS activities web page.