“Big City Nights” in a small town

Medina High School’s Student Council is the main organization in charge of the Medina Homecoming dance and all preparations leading up to the dance. They plan almost everything: decorations, spirit week, the school pep assembly, and the process to become MHS’ Homecoming Queen.

The weekend before Homecoming week, 15 StuCo members from each grade got together to decorate each of the hallways for spirit week. The decorations used were made in members’ free time or during study halls.

“Each class got together and we divided all the work that we knew we wanted to have done,” said senior member Ally Campbell. “I was in charge of one section of the hallway and I probably spent four hours outside of school creating it and then setting it up in the school.”

Some parents and advisors of StuCo came and helped with the decoration process as well.

During spirit week, students dressed up according to the themes StuCo chose for each day. The spirit days included: sports team/jersey day, pajama day, pattern day, pink day and class color day.

“We have a spirit committee,” said Campbell. “They get to pick the spirit days, but we get to suggest [ideas] at the meetings as well.”

In addition another group of people in StuCo that specialize in school spirit, are the members who help with the selection process for Homecoming Queen. The process to select a Homecoming Queen is a significant responsibility given the fact that this student represents MHS and school spirit.

“It starts with the applications to be a candidate,” explained Maddie King, “and then there’s a committee of student council members that pick the top 15. From there on out it’s the student body that votes for court and queen.”

Once the StuCo members chose the top 15 candidates, the school held a broadcasted assembly where the 15 girls gave speeches about the theme of the Homecoming dance “Big City Nights.” The top fifteen Homecoming Queen candidates included Ashley Brei, Meagan Clardy, Jenna Dombi, Anna Francis, Megan Hascher, Gabby Husbands, Alyssa Kurkul, Taylor Lentz, Kelsi Mariner, Ally O’Connell, Katherine Phillips, Addie Schneider, Alexa Toth, Megan Towne, and Maggie Willse.

After the assembly, voting was opened to the whole school to choose the top five candidates thus forming the Homecoming Queen and Court. The top five candidates included Ashley Brei, Anna Francis, Gabby Husbands, Addie Schneider and Alexa Toth.

When asked, the majority of the top five agreed that past homecoming queens were an inspiration to apply for the honor of being selected.

“All the people I looked up to as an underclassman ran and its always seemed like a fun thing to do,” said Homecoming Court member Gabby Husbands. “I’m so happy I did it.”

They also all agreed that the tradition of a MHS Homecoming Queen is continued because it brings all the students together in a sense of community and school spirit.

On Friday, there was a school-wide pep assembly. All students were invited to attend and Alexa Toth was announced as the 2015 MHS Homecoming Queen.

“I think a unique trait about myself that makes me stand out from the other candidates,” said Toth, “Is that I’m very sarcastic and easy going. I feel like I’m really easy to talk to and I have already conversed with many other kids I didn’t even know went to this school, because they liked my speech!”

After school on Friday, the Homecoming parade commenced before the football game. Many different sports teams, clubs, and groups from MHS, the middle schools and elementary schools walked in the parade, ending with the Homecoming Court.

Before kickoff at the football game, Homecoming candidates were announced with brief bios , and then walked across the field accompanied by a parent and their escort.

“I think that as candidates as a whole, we each have something unique about us to contribute,” said Homecoming Court member Ashley Brei. “We each have our own special characteristics that make us, us.”

Many people involved in StuCo have more than one attribute that makes them unique to the organization. Katherine King is one of the Homecoming Chairs and is involved in many aspects of Homecoming preparation.

“I have to plan the game with the girls walking across the field, read their applications, write their bios, help plan the dance and help decorate, and help with the parade and announce Homecoming Queen,” said Katherine.

King stated there are definitely challenges to plan Homecoming and Homecoming week, but it is all worth it to see it come together in the end.

“Going to the dance and seeing it all work out is the best part,” said Katherine King.