Hot Dog!

Student Council’s Annual Fall Commitment to Concession Stands

Each varsity football game at Ken Dukes Stadium draws in hundreds of students and community members. As the stadium floods with people, the two concession stands are filled with volunteers who stand at the ready.

The concession stands are run by dedicated Student Council members, parents, and advisors throughout the entire football season.  These people all come together to help serve snacks and drinks during the games.

While all Student Council members are required to participate in the concession stand chaos, the Junior Class is required to work every Varsity game. Juniors must work a minimum of forty hours in the concession stands to be able to participate in prom and the according planning.  

The Junior Class works in the concession stands for extra time each week to make sure that everything is stocked and ready for the upcoming games. According to Junior Class President, Holly Schneider, stocking includes getting the food together, labeling drink lids, preparing wrappers, loading fridges with soda and water, cleaning out machines, and doing general work to make sure the concession stands run as smoothly as possible.

Schneider said, “We stock all of the concession stands, home and away. Then we cook all the food, clean the stands, sell the food, count the money, organize volunteers, anything you can think of just about.”

Juniors are required to spend such a large amount of time in the concessions stands because all of the money that does not go towards the athletic boosters, or to cover the expenses of the food, goes to the Junior Class. The Junior Class uses the money they make from working hard in the concession stands to put on an amazing prom.  

Schneider said, “At the end of the night, however much money we get, part of it goes to pay for the food and part of it goes to the boosters. Then a chunk goes straight to the Junior class, who uses it to put on all of prom. And then, our tips go towards the things for Junior class.”

Student Council is also in charge of running the concession stands for all home JV and Freshmen football games. They dedicate time every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to serve snacks and drinks to all the football enthusiasts that attend the games.

Though the JV and Freshmen games do not normally draw the crowd that the wild Friday night games do, Student Council members are there to help out and make money for Senior Prom.

The amount of money that the Junior Class raises at games varies depending on weather and the size of the crowd. Slower games bring in less money, normally around eight-thousand dollars. On the other hand, games which draw a bigger crowd with ideal weather conditions can bring in closer to thirteen-thousand dollars. All of this money is saved for the planning and putting on of prom in the spring.

Schneider said of the different games, “They’re like completely different worlds. Varsity is crazy, jam-packed, and takes a crazy amount of food. You’d never think you’d go through all of it, but you do. Freshmen and JV are really laid back, you need fewer volunteers. You can kind of just mosey around and cook food as you need it almost. You can have a lot more fun at those, whereas varsity you need a serious face and to just work through it.”

For Student Council members the concession stands are an annual fall commitment. They put in a lot of work to serve the game attendees as best as possible, but they enjoy working hard with their friends in the stands.

It is only mandatory for non-junior Student Council members to work three games; however, many members work more than the minimum amount of games because they have fun while working.

Schneider said, “Even though they’re a lot of work, concession stands are really fun. It makes me kind of feel that cliché sense of high school spirit that we all say we hate but we secretly love. It’s really fun.”