Let’s Talk About Tutors: An Overview


Andy Newman, Senior Editor

Out of all MHS programs, one of the most useful to the student body is the tutoring program coupled with the Math Lab. Managed by Mrs. Grenfell, the program has been running smoothly for several years now. The tutoring room serves as a sanctuary to all students who enter. For tutors it’s a place to hone their academic skills, and for other students it’s a place for educational clarity.

According to Mrs. Grenfell, she sees roughly 125 kids run in and out of the room per day, and about 500 students total are involved in either the Math Lab or the tutoring program. As the program grows even further, Mrs. Grenfell has solidified her process for accommodating students’ needs.

If a student approaches her, wishing to be tutored, Mrs. Grenfell starts on matching them up with a tutor fit for their needs. She begins by first taking a look at the list of National Honors Society students, and pulling out those members that have done exceedingly well in the subject the student requires help in. After that sub-group has been selected, she then matches up the student’s study hall period with a member that has the same study hall.

Once the tutors are matched up with their new students, the fun begins. Tutors and students alike claim to have a great time with their partner, and they learn, while doing so.

Tutor Julia Reedy said, “I do enjoy tutoring. I like being able to help the other students when they need help, especially, because a lot of the time I need help myself. I know how it is and it’s great when another kid at school can help me figure something out – it is a lot easier than trying to meet with my teacher or ask my parents once I get home.”

Previously tutored student Lexi Baumann said, “My chem(istry) tutor was really nice and we had a great time, I learned a lot.”

Even though the students have fun being paired together, and the student improves their grade 74% of the time (according to Mrs. Grenfell), another option may prove greater still.

“The Math Lab is where I have an actual math teacher in here during specific periods of the day,” says Mrs. Grenfell. “So if I have a student that comes to me that wants help with math, before I try and pair them with a peer tutor, I try to put them in the Math Lab so they are working with an actual teacher… the math teachers are wonderful here, and it’s wonderful to have them here.”

Mrs. Grenfell, tutors, and students alike all emphasize the helpfulness of the tutoring center, for students that are wishing for better grades (whether that be from a B+ to an A or an F to an A) the center is the place to be. Tutors enjoy the quiet atmosphere, being able to make a difference in a way they can, the positivity of everyone involved in the center and the fact that it’s a calm place to come to an understanding with their material.

“I’ve tried really hard to create an environment of welcoming here… most people realize once they come in here there’s really not a stigma (against students looking for help). It’s a very open place where they can come and get help,” Mrs. Grenfell stated.