Undebatable: Our Debate Team is the Best


Zachary Blake, Student Writer

Medina High School’s debate team, led by advisor Scott Quade, is considered to be one of the most revered in the state and nation as well as one of the most successful.  It is an environment to challenge perspective and thinking outside of the box.

¨To be on the team, you must be enrolled in the Honors Debate class, and to be in the Honors Debate class, you must first take the first level debate class and earn the recommendation of the teacher/coach,¨ Quade said.

The Honors Debate class is a prerequisite to join the team and that is divided into three sections, Congress, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum.

The team competes nearly every weekend from October to April. The team has qualified for national competition five times and state 15 times.

¨We also compete on the
‘national circuit,’ including tournaments at Princeton University (3 times), Yale University, and at Georgetown University (2 times),¨ stated Quade.

The team meets daily in class and anytime they have tournaments on the weekends. The team costs $125 to join and participate. This funding goes to several membership dues as well as registration fees at local tournaments.

This cost does not cover costs associated with their trips to state championships, national championships, or national circuit tournaments.
Scott Quade is the administrator of the debate team. He can be contacted at [email protected].

There are many important members of the debate team, including:
President — Kayleigh Sevinsky
Vice President — Megan Donnelly
Secretary — Ben Ferling
Treasurer — Jessica Manley
Lincoln-Douglas captain — Ngozi Williams
Public Forum captain — Morgan Henderson
Congressional Debate captain — Chris Summerville