A day in the life of a career center student


Katie Salai, Staff Writer

Medina High School and the Medina County Career Center both provide students a variety of options to enrich their education. Therefore, the main difference between the two is MCCC’s specialization in career majors options to prepare students for their desired career field.

With this difference in content, MCCC students tend to have a very different schedule than full-day MHS students. Read on to hear what MCCC students have to say about their programs, how they compare to MHS and what they plan to do after MCCC.


Q: What program are you a part of/What made you chose that program?

Michael Nagel: I chose to be a part of the Engineer, Tech, and Design program. Jay Mikalacki, an ETD 2014 graduate of Medina County Career Center convinced me that attending MCCC is the perfect start to my path in becoming an engineer when I grow up.

Autumn Hodges: I chose Animal Care because I’ve had a passion for animals ever since I was little. I visited this program my sophomore year and fell in love with every single animal in the program.

Morgan Melton: (Early Childhood Education) I love working with children and I want to be an occupational therapist for special needs children.


Q: Describe your overall daily schedule regarding your program (or lab)/classes

Richard Tackas: (Engineer, Tech, Design) My day starts with my engineering lab, after that it’s exactly like the high school: Lunch, Psychology, Honors Algebra 2, Chemistry, and 11th grade English.

Logan Ayres: (Early Childhood Education) My class starts at 8:10. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s I go down into the preschool to work with the kids after we finish upstairs in our theory room. We get different lab jobs every week that we have to make lessons plans for. 20 minutes before the class ends everyone comes down and we work one-on-one with our assigned kid. On Wednesday’s and Thursday’s I am in theory where I learn the curriculum needed and I get to work on my lesson plans. At 10:40 the class ends and I go back to MHS because I am a half-day student.

Emily (last name not given): (Early Childhood Education) I go to MCCC for the morning, then ride the bus to MHS for the [Medina] Tech School.


Q: What is the content like?/ What do you do in the class?

Micheal Nagel: ETD is a very interesting program in which you learn the basic engineering techniques (Converting, Dimensioning, Tolerancing, etc.), how to use Inventor which is an online tool used to make simple or complex three dimensional images, and how to work a 3-D printer. 

Autumn Hodges: (Animal Care) In my program we learn how to handle dogs, and their body languages.  While playing we can watch their behaviors towards the student and other dogs. We also learn how to care for small animals that you would see in a pet shop and also learn how to run and manage it. In addition, we learn all the medical instruments and how to take care of sick animals, as well how to groom and bathe a dog. With theory, we learn about all kinds of animals and the diseases they can catch. Finally we get put into rotations where we go to all these different areas every 3 weeks.

Jordan Boettcher: (Cosmetology) Every week we have a different area to focus on and manage better when we’re not working on a client. There’s a rotation for who gets the next client (usually walk-ins), although you can have people request you or even schedule them as your client before hand.


Q: How does the workload compare to the high school?

Brice Shipe: Surprisingly the workload for me is not as much as it was at the high school. I feel like I have a lot more free time to do what I enjoy.

Richard Tackas: I find the workload very similar in specific classes, only difference is at the high school there are more classes for each student. Over there a student would have 6, 7, or even 8 classes. over here because we focus on our main lab, we have 3, 4, or even 5 classes.

Jordan Boettcher: They definitely do not give as much work as the teachers at the high school, as most of it is done in-class where you can have assistance if need be. There’s also an area with staff to help you with schoolwork if you’re having difficulties and your teacher is not available.


Q: What do you plan to do when you’re finished with the career center?

Michael Nagel: After graduating, I plan to attend the University of Akron and get my degree in Engineering; Don’t ask me what kind of engineering because right now I have no idea.

Autumn Hodges: After I graduate I plan to take what I learned and apply it to a college and get a job in an animal field.

Jordan Boettcher: I plan to go to college for a degree in interior design and have cosmetology to fall back on if need be. Going here taught me so much more about the real world and situations I may encounter than the high school ever would have. They also taught us professionalism which will benefit us all in the future.