Stuck in Limbo


Casey Myers, Senior Writer

“At the age of 26, Ludwig Beethoven went deaf, ending his career as a successful concert pianist. But determined not to let a little thing like his hearing end his music career, my pal Ludwig became a composer. Turns out the new gig suited him. It’s like that old saying, “‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,’” (Mia Santiago, Opening Scene).

Unknowingly almost dead and stuck in a “limbo”, Mia Santiago (Chloe Grace Moretz) has been given a new view of life. Having her consciousness ripped from her body, Mia had it all, but without knowing it. She had a pass to Julliard’s School of Music, a perfect boyfriend in an increasingly popular pop-rock band, called Willamette Stone, parents okay with everything and just an affinity for music.

Mia is left to walk through the actual world watching her family suffer from her being an inch from death. The movie, directed by R.J. Cutler, puts you through a spiral of emotion along with Mia, Adam (Jamie Blackley), and their whole lives being a mess all because of one car crash. What if this happened to you? Would you stay or would you go?

Now, if I told you the ending, that would ruin it all. The mess that happens from start to finish is an emotional rollercoaster. Throughout the whole movie you are unsure of if she is going to stay or go. People tell her to both stay and go. But, left an orphan, her head gets twisted. Mia believes she has no family even with the people that visit. She turns into a mess herself. And it doesn’t help that Adam has broken up with her just about two months before the crash.

I have explained Mia, now let’s explain Adam. The male lead just happens to stumble upon this girl playing the cello in a school practice room, he falls in love, and suddenly that love is taken from him because she is going to college states away. Adam could choose to go, but he wants the band to stay near home and family. Mia wishes to be a world-famous cellist. See the conflicting dreams here? Despite being the most perfect couple, even height wise, they are whisked apart not just by dreams but by destiny itself.

Brought to the public viewing in 2014, “If I Stay” despite brought out with other famous movies such as “The Fault in Our Stars” has made an impact enough to win awards including Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie: Drama and Choice Movie Actress won by Moretz. It was also nominated for Favorite Dramatic Movie by the People’s Choice Awards.