A Key to Gaming


Zac Blake, Staff Writer

There are a wide variety of keyboards that allow for gamers to go wild, pricing from a few bucks for ones that come used, to brand new keyboards that are a few hundred dollars. The Razer BlackWidow is a mechanical gaming keyboard made specifically for gamers that enjoy the pleasant noise that is a mechanical keyboard.

It comes set with the multi-award winning Razer mechanical switches that activate at a more sensitive distance for the ease of the gamer. The keyboard that Razer has brought us is engineered to last longer than other mechanical keyboards, even though it may have a limited amount of switch activations until it ¨expires¨, it is made to last longer than others. This protection comes from the protective housing of the keys to the gold plating for sensitivity and the quality springs in the inner workings, it is all designed to last longer and give more bang for your buck.

It has a keyboard lifespan of over 60 million key board strokes. The Razer BlackWidow has a compact layout, meaning it is detachable from its cord for ease of storage and transportation. It is very lightweight weighing only 2.09 lbs, it also comes with a carrying sleeve for extra protection.

Personally, I am an owner of this product and I can give you my word that this keyboard is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever owned. One of the only downsides I see to this keyboard is the keys do not light up so if one is to ever play on their computer in the dark it is impossible, if not nearly impossible to see what you are typing if you do not know your keys extremely well. This can lead to many problems revolving around new computer users, gamers, or maybe users who have lots of experience but may not have memory to have the feel for the keys.

For the basic user, it can still give way for the normal key usage as all the keys come stock with normal function. But for the advanced users and gamers, all keys are fully programmable and can be changed to do any function you can think of. Even though the extra rows of macro keys are not on this keyboard, other Razer products allow for this use of this feature.