“Joseph” is a success of biblical proportions


Katie Salai, Staff Writer

With a combined total of 1,800 in attendance from all four shows, Medina High School’s performance of  “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” can definitely be considered a success. From a collaborated effort of the students and staff of MHS, the Medina theater group CAMEO, and the Medina County Arts Foundation, “Joseph’ was taken to a level MHS has never seen before.

But what really escalated the performance was the talented MHS students that made the story come to life. The musical follows Joseph (played by junior, Mason Henning) from the book of Genesis and his adventures with the ability to interpret dreams. The narrators (played by seniors, Michaela Lyons and Gabby Husbands), follow Joseph on his journey while giving insight to what is happening elsewhere in the musical.

Along with MHS actors and actresses, the musical also featured a great pit orchestra of MHS musicians. The orchestra transitioned effortlessly between pieces as they played all the music for the entire musical. Finally, a youth chorus made up of elementary school students in the Medina City School District was a brilliant add-on as well as a great way to include younger children in the district,

All in all, the combined efforts from everyone involved is what really made “Joseph” shine in his “coat of many colors”.