Smooth Hovering

Like Smooth Sailing, but on a hoverboard. Get it?


Ashlynn Rodgers, Staff Writer

A new product has hit the streets recently, changing the way people of all ages, get around. It is a great tool for photos and videos as well. This two wheeled balance scooter sits on two independent motors that are grouped together with an axle running acrossed. It has two solid wheels making the ride very durable and smooth with no chance of a flat tire. When you step on to the Hoverboard it balances itself. To move, simply lean one way or the other. The Hoverboard can move on top of grass, sand and over bumps. That being said, you can go 15 miles per hour so if you see a bump, you might want to jump off. The top and bottom of the Hoverboard are rounded so if you decide to dismount, the Hoverboard will just roll off to the side safely. It takes minimal effort to ride and can go 9-12 miles in between charges. This board is not only great for riding, but also for shooting photos or videos. A big problem in shooting videos comes from the bounce when you walk. With the Hoverboard, this is no longer a problem.  This new “slider” is a fun great way to have some fun and shoot some great material. It will give you smooth clean shots making all videos taken look more cinematic than ever.