#projecthappy brings smiles to Medina


Lexi Baumann, Staff writer

Some students may have noticed several pieces of paper floating around the school with the title of Dear Friend.  

Starting on Monday, December 14, a note has been passed around to the students of Medina High School telling the reader they are loved and supported.  In it is explained why students should be calm and not stress so much about midterms week.

In the note, students are encouraged to talk about the letter with the hashtag, #projecthappy.  Looking at the tag on twitter, students have tweeted pictures of the letter along with their feelings on the project.

After reading the note, students sign their names to the bottom and pass it on to another student.  Students can choose who they want to pass the note on to and continue the chain.

Although the author of the #projecthappy is not mentioned, the first person to tweet about the hashtag was Senior Kit Begovich, former Medinamite writer.

The letter is a notion of paying it forward, encouraging students that they can and will survive midterms week.

Hopefully, this letter becomes a tradition here at the high school and returns in 18 weeks for another finals week.