Art 1.11

Student and staff artists had 111 minutes on January 11th to paint masterpieces.


At this event, instead of students painting by the numbers, they’re painting against them. Art 1.11, created by Medina High School art teacher and department head, Ms. Bobbi Foy, was started three years ago as a way to showcase performance art and raise scholarship money for students that hope to pursue art in college. All pieces made this year will be auctioned online next year.

“I know this sounds really corny,” said Foy, “but I had a dream about doing this, and I think that any dream is like an inspiration from above.”

Along with Foy’s vision for the event, Art 1.11 couldn’t have become a reality without it’s main sponsor, the Medina County Arts Foundation. They gave Mrs. Foy the initial seed grant to buy the 24 x 30 inch canvases and paint used by the artists.

There were about 31 participants this year and almost all of them submitted five sketches to be reviewed to determine if they had a spot in this year’s Art 1.11.

“Mrs. Kraus did not have to submit anything ,” said Foy. Kraus had worked as an art teacher at Garfield Elementary for 33 years. “And then I have two students that were graduates from last year and I knew their quality of art. So they were the only three people that came in without the sketches.”

In addition, Foy talked about how some students that participate may have never painted before or taken an art class at MHS.

“[If] I saw that they had a love of drawing, that was pretty much the criteria.”

Sophomore Ashton Soliz stated, “[Art 1.11 is] a place where a bunch of artists can get together and express themselves in ways they weren’t able to before, and you can spread any message that you want.”

Not only is Art 1.11 a fun way for artists to express themselves, they can also help others in the process. By painting a piece, artists can help fellow students that want to  pursue art after high school grow even closer to their goal.

“It’s a great way to earn money for the art program and [for] art scholarships that most of the time get unnoticed,” said  Samantha Tietjen, a 2015 MHS graduate. “Art is kind of a forgotten major.”



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