In-School Spice

A showcase of student talent


Ashlynn Rodgers

From left to right: emcees Kaley Kralovic, Gabby Husbands, Tommy Evans and Steven Stenquist.

Lexi Baumann, Senior Writer

SPICE, Medina High School’s annual student talent show, was held in school January 22, 2016. 

Students watched many singers perform songs such as “Love Yourself”.  SPICE is a highly anticipated event here at the high school as students look forward to watching their peers perform.

The Emcees comprised of Steven Stenquist, Kaley Kralovic, Tommy Evans, Gabby Husbands.

The performers had to try out and were hand picked to participate in the show.  Being picked to perform in in-school SPICE is coveted as it is very difficult to grab a spot.

While students filed into the performing arts center the student band, Stardusters, played, “Suit & Tie”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Mambo Swing”, “Why Don’t You Do Right”, “Blues in the Night”, and “Backatown”.

The first act was a group of students playing xylophones and different drums along to the popular song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.  

They were then followed by the all girl acapella, the Sirens, harmonizing “Boy”.  The girls swayed and snapped in unison captivating Medina’s students.

Just Some Kids, composed of Gabby Husbands, Austin Phillips, Julia Van Wagnen, Logan Yates, came out and sang “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber.  Logan proceeded to pull out a mellophone and harmonize with the guitar played by Phillips.

The Permanents came out and sang their original song, “Gone Insane”, lead by frontman Dyson Dudsak.  

Chapped Lips with Kyle Dabbieri, Taylor Lentz, Megan Towne, and Holly Rundle sang “I Am Loving You”.  Towne led the group on the piano and Rundle on the cello.

The highly anticipated Parking Lot Seagulls performed with their original song, “Alice”.  The band is composed of frontman Grant Gibeault, Caleb Ballard, Reese Clutter, Bailey Mowrer, Ethan Wootton and Kasey Kania.

The band dressed in 90s grunge style which matches the aesthetic of the band itself.  Parking Lot Seagulls are selling t-shirts on Twitter and their album is also online.

Following the band was DJ Rog, better known as former Medinamite writer Jake Rogers.  Rogers took the stage and beatboxed to a backtrack, clad in a Medina basketball jersey and outrageous gold pants. 

The show closed out with Chevron and Rose who sang “Green Eyes”.  The entire SPICE cast came out during the finale and danced behind the folk band.  
SPICE talent show has performances on Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 pm and tickets sell for $8.  These shows will include even more performances and skits than in-school SPICE.