A Lady’s Guide to Winter Formal


Mattie Sowers, Staff Writer

Winter Formal, previously known as Sweethearts’ Dance is approaching quickly and everyone at Medina High School is scrambling to find the perfect date. However, this article will mainly focus on the girls asking someone to the dance. Has your special someone just popped into your mind ladies? That’s what I thought.

Asking someone to the dance, with the cheesy poster and all, is only a once a year occasion for girls, but the pressure is still immense. For the brave, daring girls who are planning to ask someone to the dance, this article is your golden ticket. Here you will read what guys and girls alike really think about being asked to Winter Formal.

After asking multiple boys, “What do you think about a girl asking you to Winter Formal?” the general consensus was positive.

One particular freshman, Jared Rhodes, said this about his girlfriend asking him to the dance, “When she asked me it felt good. It showed me that someone was genuinely interested in me, and that I was important to others.” If this doesn’t boost your confidence in asking a guy to the dance, I don’t know what will.

Freshman Colin Blair said, “Personally I would want to know the girl asking and have talked to her before because it would be odd if someone I never heard or spoke to, asked me.” So, if you are considering asking that uber popular guy who you think is possibly the purest definition of cute you have ever laid your eyes upon, you may want to have an actual conversation before you ask him.

I also interviewed female members of the Gay Straight Alliance who happened to be gay and bisexual, asking them the same question, “What do you think about a girl asking you to Winter Formal?” and the general consensus was very positive.

One freshman girl said, “I would honestly be so flattered if anyone asked me, and it would definitely be a boost to my confidence.”

Another freshman girl said, “Just imagining about being asked right now brings a smile to my face; I think that experience would be amazing.”

All in all, ladies, if you’re contemplating asking that special someone to the Winter Formal, it seems that both girls and guys as a whole, think it’s a wonderful thing. They would be absolutely flattered and their confidence would definitely be boosted.

If you haven’t bought tickets to the dance yet, visit your Blackboard page under the Medina High School Students link to get more information and purchase your tickets.