Mr. Medina: A Medina tradition

Kendra Byrne, Staff Writer

Every high school has its own traditions, and one of Medina High School’s is the Mr. Medina pageant.

From 2006 to 2009, boys didn’t get as much recognition as the girls running for homecoming queen in the fall, but that all changed in 2010, when it was decided that boys deserved their own pageant. Student Council advisor, Laura Calaiacovo, described it as “homecoming queen, but for the boys.”

Candidates can be nominated by any student. Those nominated must then complete an application. The applications then are sent to a group of representatives, one representative from every club and winter sport and four faculty members.

Out of the applications, five boys are selected to participate in the pageant. This year’s contestants and their escorts are:


Brian Fotheringham and 2015 Homecoming Queen Alexa Toth

DSC_2946DSC_2919 (1)

Brian is the captain of the cross country team, participates in track, is a SHUDDLE and Link Crew leader, tutors for chemistry, and plans to attend Miami University for finance in the fall.


Joe Huang and Maddie Sabetta



Joe is the captain of the Medina boys Swim Team, an active member of the debate team, as well as a violinist in orchestra, and plans to major in Piano Performance, at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.


Alex McMullen and Ally O’Connell


Alex enjoys Chipotle, Twitter, rec basketball and trap music.


Steven Steinquist and Gabby Husbands


Steven is an Eagle Scout, runs cross country and track, plays violin in the orchestra, and participates in debate team and student council. He hopes to attend BYU to major in physiology.

Logan Usher and Ashley Brei


Logan is the president of the marching band, plays the trombone, and is section leader in the bass section of Encore. He hopes to become a surgeon one day.