Wreck this yearbook

2015-2016 to be interactive


Medina’s yearbook this year is different than the typical yearbook students are used to seeing. The theme is based off of the book “Wreck This Book” by Keri Smith.

Sydney Ford, a writer of the yearbook, says, “This year, Ms. Bolek, Alexandria Villeneuve, and Alexandra Lyncha were the contributing factors to this year’s theme “Wreck This Yearbook.”  

The theme is very unique because it gives students the ability to personalize the yearbook.

“Interactive themes and ideas allow the students to really make this yearbook their own, and giving them the ability to make this yearbook very special to them as they carry it out for many years to come.” Ford says. This year personalizes everything to those reading it, each grade is different.

Alexandria Villeneuve says, “The seniors have their own specialized section, and the underclassmen also have their own corresponding sections. Traditionally, the senior section is black, and features the seniors in a special light. The underclassmen all have the same layouts, and feature the rest of the younger students in the school. Some special editions of the book come with specialized name plates, if the student ordered them, that they can put on their book.”

Overall, the yearbook should be very unique to Medina High School and give off an interactive theme to those who are a part of it. This will attract more students to purchase the yearbook than already do.  

Preorder “Wreck this Yearbook” at www.yearbookordercenter.com with the order #4473 by April 1, 2016.