Mental health awareness

UPDATE: The website source for the statistics below have been updated and can be found here: “Ten Things to Do for Your Mental Health.”

Mental health is a serious issue. As reported by the website, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America and over 40 thousand people take their lives per year.

One in five Americans experience a mental health issue and one in ten young people go through a period of depression.

While some reach out for help, only 44% of adults and less than 20% of adolescents may get the help that they need.

“Society previously made counseling seem like a bad thing, but now many are opening up to the importance of it,” Mrs. Dralle, Medina High School’s high risk and crisis counselor said.  

Counseling is beneficial and our ways are changing. Now we’re much more responsive and acceptive to counseling.

If you are experiencing a bad time in your life, talking to someone who is not involved in your life can help.

MHS counselor Mrs. Dorene Shirey stated, “This is because talking to an impartial person, such as a counselor or therapist, doesn’t put a strain on a personal relationship, a family member or friend for example.”

If things are out of balance, get help from someone. Anxiety and stress are natural experiences; however if they become overwhelming seek help.

Everyone has coping skills, but one may not recognize it and it is important to do so.

These could include watching tv, playing music, or even hanging out with friends according to Dralle.

If someone is showing signs of a mental health illness, the counselors recommend to look at their behaviors. A person who is typically going through something doesn’t show interest in activities they usually enjoy, they act erratically without reason and tend to stop taking care of themselves.

“It is important to notice when people are down and what triggers it,” according to Dralle. “Try to have conversations with them about how they are feeling and how they are coping, if they are.”

Help is available for anyone who is seeking or needs it. The hotline for national teen hotline is (880) 418-6434 extension 359. One can text TIPS to 66746 and in Medina County the 24/7 crisis hotline is (330) 725-9195.