Prepping for Prom


Student Council Prom Committee members

One of Medina High School’s most praised traditions is prom. It’s the night where girls get to dress in beautiful gowns and the guys have the luxury of wearing a tux and dancing as crazy as they want.

It’s the last dance seniors get to participate in, so Student Council really goes all out with the venue and decorations. Last year’s dance was a huge hit, and Student Council has been planning to make this year’s just as extravagant, if not more so.

The theme and explicit details are “top-secret until after spring break every year,” said Student Council junior president Holly Schneider. She is responsible for overseeing the different aspects of planning the prom.

Student Council members really do not receive enough credit for all the hard work they do to prepare for prom. The first step is fundraising.

Juniors are required to work the concession stands at every game. The money they raise goes to buying the decorations and renting the venue for the night of the dance. It also goes to making the tickets affordable enough for all students.

The second step is beginning to plan. Last month, the junior representatives took a small field trip to visit the venue for this year, located in the Akron/Canton area. They also visited the prop house where they picked out their vastly large, yet incredibly fun decorations.

Lastly, each representative is paired up with someone and put on a specific committee. The junior class voted unanimously as a whole on the theme this year and students are practically bursting with excitement.

Every morning, each prom committee meets to discuss their progress and continue planning all the intricate little details of the dance. Each member is over-the-top excited to have the privilege of planning prom this year, and they can’t wait to absolutely wow you on May 14th of this year!