2016 Mr. Medina Spirit Assembly

Joe Huang named Mr. Medina

Lexi Baumann and Kaz Kuczma, Staff writers

Medina High School brought out their school spirit Friday, February 5, in an All-School pep assembly which culminated in the naming of this year’s Mr. Medina.

Freshman Marko Kuhar said, “I think Mr. Medina is a pretty big honor. It’s kinda cool to have something for the guys, the same way they have Homecoming Queen for girls.”

As they entered the gym, students were warmly welcomed by the talents of the MHS band. The band’s talents helped pump up the crowd’s enthusiasm and energy.

The basketball, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling and dance teams were all recognized.  Students also participated in cheers like “Do It” and “Green and White”.

Selected students participated in games clad in their class colors, freshman dressed in yellow, sophomores in black, juniors in white and seniors in green.

The first game students, and a few teachers, participated in was the flipper race.  Participants had to wear swimming flippers and race across the gym, switching off with their teammates.

The seniors beat sophomores by a foot, while juniors came in third.  The freshman team was just beat out of third place by the team of teachers led by Mrs. Niemo.

The next game that was played was a giant game of Hungry Hungry Hippos, in which students were pushed on a scooter holding a laundry basket in front of them.  These hippos were pushed out on the gym floor to retrieve balloons and then were retrieved by their teammates.

Chaos ensued as students rolled across the floor scrambling to grab balloons.  Freshman finished the game with 12, sophomores and juniors tied with 18, and seniors won the game with a grand total of 36 points.

A hula hoop contest followed, four students from each grade spinning their hips trying to keep up their hoop.

Freshman and juniors were quickly disqualified as their hoops hit the floor.  MC of the event, Mr. Hassinger, then instructed the rest of the students to do tricks such as hop on one foot and close their eyes while spinning.

One sophomore and two seniors were left spinning their hips, until one of the seniors won the game.

The dance team followed and performed to Beyonce’s “Upgrade” on the basketball court.  

The next contest was the half court shot with students and teachers trying and failing to make a basket from half court with the exception of freshman, Jake Hansen.

The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived, the announcement of the winner of Mr. Medina.  Candidates were escorted to the gym floor by their escorts.

Joe Huang won the competition and was represented by escort Maddie Sabeta carrying his senior swim team poster.

Huang was unable to attend as he had an audition for the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. She posed for some pictures in his place, scepter in hand.

“I thought it was funny how Joe wasn’t there, and we were all clapping to a poster,” said senior Isaiah Coyne.

The assembly ended with the singing of the Medina Alma Mater as students swayed back and forth with their arms interlaced.