Actors Bring Macbeth to Life

Actors Bring Macbeth to Life

Last week professional actors from Cleveland’s Great Lakes Theater worked with honors sophomore languages arts classes, bringing props, scripts and costumes along.

In class, students are acting one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Macbeth.

Chelsea Cannon, an actor who came in to help teach the students, says she’s loved acting since middle school and has been visiting the different schools for about two years. Both of the actors who came in enjoy coming into schools because they love acting and have been visiting different schools from elementary to high school.

”It’s great because every class is different,” said Shaun O’Neill, one of the actors.

Not only are the actors performing, students are also encouraged to volunteer and interact with them and even wear costumes. The whole week, the actors are conducting different activities with the students from asking questions and opinions to having students volunteer for roles.

”I really like it because it brings it [Macbeth] to life,” said Mr. Bob Wetherbee, a MHS language arts teacher.

They were able to watch the actors perform and participate and act out scenes with them. The students were given a costume to wear and on Friday they were taught how to attack and defend themselves with swords made out of a pipe with styrofoam and duct tape.

”It adds to the excitement and makes it more interesting,” said a student in Wetherbee’s class.

“I wish we were able to do that for our class and with more plays and books we read throughout the year. It seems fun and a change in our learning environment,”  said Makaela Kuhar, a sophomore who is not in the language arts class.