Officer Wesner saves the day

Officer Mike Wesner can be seen walking around the hallways of Medina High School everyday. As the students pass him, they may not realize how much safer he makes our school.

Officer Wesner was born outside of Pittsburgh and he graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. He was a member in the Army and then became a police officer in 1996.

Officer Wesner was a member of the SWAT team and was a detective for 12 years before becoming assigned to Medina High School as a school resource officer.

Some of Officer Wesner’s duties include helping with driving classes, prom vehicle inspection, working with school counselors to prevent juvenile delinquency, as well as keeping close relationships with the students. In addition, Officer Wesner can be seen on the sidelines as assistant coach of  the lacrosse team.

Many days, the many ways Officer Wesner is important to MHS may go unnoticed.

Officer Wesner put his skills into effect when an emergency occurred during a recent staff meeting.

On January 15th, a guest speaker, Dr. Stephen Sroka, had a heart attack and wasn’t breathing. Officer Wesner was quick on the scene to help. He and Officer Roland, another school resource officer, started giving CPR and used the AED, saving the man’s life.

Officer Wesner was recognized  and thanked by the City Council, Mayor Dennis Hanwell and Sroka’s family for his lifesaving efforts.

“I was just in the right place at the right time,” Officer Wesner stated. “I’m just glad we got him back and that he survived.”