American Sign Language Club

A recent addition to Medina High School’s extra-curriculars is the American Sign Language Club. ASL club began after a few ambitious students wanted a club exploring sign language and to do fun activities outside of class.

American Sign Language Club started in the 2015-16 school year and typically meets on Wednesdays once a month.

“Every meeting has its own little theme and can incorporate signs, culture or just something fun from a deaf perspective,” one of the American Sign Language teachers, Mrs. Amber Spring said. The last meeting was a game night, another was a silent movie. Spring is looking into signs around the world as next meeting’s theme.

Anyone can join ASL club, not just students taking the language class. There are some students who signed up because they know some sign language or are interested in being more involved.

For students who do not know the language, “Outside of class you can kind of explore all of the different kinds of things that you really want to learn about the culture, grammar or language,” said Spring.

There are many plans for the future of this club including a possible field trip and volunteering at deaf camps.

Gallaudet University was chosen as a possible field trip destination rather than American School for the Deaf because it is the only deaf liberal arts school in the world. Due to the school being majorly deaf, it would be a good experience for students to be able to see how it runs compared to a hearing school. Also, the classes are taught in ASL and it may be available for the students to sit in on a lecture while visiting.

OYO is a camp for deaf children being looked into for possible volunteering or fundraising. With the money raised a deaf child can be sent to camp and experience a safe place to express themselves.
If one is interested in joining ASL club, Mrs. Spring’s can be contacted at [email protected] or visited in room 1132.