Scheduling: Behind the screens


The season of scheduling has officially begun, and the Medina High School counseling department has been hard at work preparing the scheduling process for students. 

Eight years ago MHS began scheduling courses through an online server. This has helped students prepare for scheduling at the collegiate level.

It has allowed us to align with university procedures, trying to give students the ability to “figure” out their schedule requests on their own,” said department head Mrs. Carrie Schreck. “At the university level, students would have to seek out these steps [of counseling and verification] on their own if they wanted help.”

When it comes to students requesting their classes, it’s important they remember the difference between challenging themselves and getting in over their heads.

I believe there is a fine line between a rigorous schedule and being able to include activities that are your passion,” said Schreck. “If you are headed into a field that it is not necessary to continue down the path of honors and Advanced Placement for one subject, then maybe you shouldn’t. But ramp up the level in the field of interest.”

Next comes the part not many (probably) stop to consider: with a school of over 2,500 students, how does the counseling department manage to produce over 2,500 individualized schedules that work out to almost complete accuracy?

“We begin with how many classes we would need to offer of each section. That is compared to the number of teachers that we have available,” said Schreck.  “Our schedule is driven by student requests for classes. This is why we make such a big deal about choosing wisely and keep students in the courses they request.”

After students select their classes, a series of verifications by the counselors, teachers, and parents commence over the next few months. Later, based on the number of students that have signed up for each class, a “master schedule” is created.

“Once we have a master schedule, the computer schedules and tries to get as many students into the classes they chose as possible,” said House 2 counselor Mrs. Kristen Cavalier. “Then the counselors spend 20 days in the summer going through each schedule, switching stuff around to try and make everything fit, and add lunch.”


For more information about scheduling check out the “Scheduling 16/17” and “Registration Guide 16/17” tabs in the Medina High School Counseling group on Blackboard.