Spain Bound: A trip of a lifetime


Spain, land of the Spanish language and glorious food.

These things come to mind when considering travelling to Spain, but there is much more to this beautiful country. Medina High School Spanish students will get to discover this first hand on an 11 day trip to Spain.

Spanish teacher, Alexandra Musselman stated, “I get the chills when I walk into these places that I teach about.”

Students will be able to experience the country’s exquisite architecture, from the unfinished La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to the Seville Cathedral.

“Sometimes the older kids who are in Spanish 3, 4 and 5 get more of an impact,” Musselman said, “because they have all learned about this stuff and the younger ones get excited about learning more about this stuff.”

Mrs. Musselman, the trip’s head adviser, has been busy prepping for the group’s June 11, 2016 departure. She recently went to Madrid for a training tour to preview some of the trip’s itinerary and has been keeping travellers and their families updated with tour information.

“I meet with the parents.  We talk about rules they have to follow, expectations, common sense and little things going into this trip to make their lives easier so they can enjoy the experience,” Musselman said. This will be trip twelve for her in twenty-five years.

The trip is called “Spanish Fiesta” which is part of E Tours.

“I like E tours. They have changed a lot over the last couple years. The first few years that I went on they were more a chicken and rice tour. The food was not as good but I’ve been with them a lot lately and they have been really good. They have come out of the woodwork for activities for the kids,” Musselmen said.

While in Spain, the students will be visiting countless amounts of different places and monuments.

Musselmen also said, “This is a touring trip where the kids are going to see as many sights as they can see. They are going to get opportunities to interact with native speakers. Not as much as they would if it was service learning trips where the kids would go to school but this is going to be focused on seeing all the different sights.”

The Spanish students will travel to Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Costa Del Sol, Sevilla, Córdoba, Madrid.

Musselmen wants her students to be inspired by the different cultures they will encounter during the trip.

“I hope it gives them an understanding of what it means to be an American in the states as well as what it is like being an American outside of the states. I hope it gives them the travel bug so they want to go out and travel and learn more languages. There are so many cool places that I have been there all over this world,” she said.

Get ready for a trip of a lifetime!