Heart of the Art

Inside the Medina High School art program


Art is a major part of the culture at Medina High School, and everyday students are able to witness the beautiful artwork displayed all over the school. This may stir up some curiosity about the background of the art program and how to get involved.

Mrs. Bobbie Foy, MHS Art Department Chair, said that there are 11 art courses available to students, starting with the essential Art Fundamentals.

“The art course offerings at MHS are geared to creating a well rounded individual that can perform and thrive in the 21st century, “ stated Foy. “Businesses are constantly looking for creative thinkers who can develop new results.”

After taking Art Fundamentals, courses such as the highly appraised AP Studio Drawing/Honors Portfolio, Painting I, Printmaking, Mixed Media, and Ceramics I  (obtainable to the junior class only) are made available.

In AP Studio Drawing, the students are required to assemble a portfolio of 24 pieces of their artwork that will be submitted to the AP College Board for assessment. According to Foy, students are expected to complete about five hours of homework each week.

An assortment of other after-school art opportunities are available that can help students further their skills.  

There is an active Art Club that meets monthly and gladly welcomes new members.

“We have done a variety of artistic service projects,” said Foy. In addition, the Art Club has visited local galleries and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Mrs. Foy also noted the Art 1.11 performance event that is held each year on January 11th. This is an art event where students and staff alike come together and each paint a 24″ x 30″ canvas in 111 minutes. The paintings from this prominent event are displayed at MHS for one year, then they are put on an online auction site to raise money for MHS art scholarships.

“The art program at MHS pushes the students to problem solve and develop solutions to challenges. The answers are not the same for creative/artistic thinkers,” said Foy. “There is more than one solution, more than one path to take, more than one idea.”

If you are interested in joining the Art Club, visit Mrs. Foy in room 205 to inquire about their monthly meetings.

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