Representing Medina

Gaining leadership in GLC

Girls’ Leadership Club has been in existence for over 60 years and is currently being run by Ms. Heather Bolek. Young ladies attending Medina High School have an opportunity to join this club in which one will gain quality leadership skills and volunteer in the community.

In order to qualify Bolek said, “You must have a 3.0 GPA and two teacher recommendations.” Membership is no longer limited to only juniors and seniors and is now available to freshman and sophomores.

GLC meets every other Thursday and converses about volunteer opportunities and/or fundraising. Collections also take place during the meeting. Currently GLC is gathering purses, but canned food drives take place throughout the year.

Affiliates of the group can apply to be one of the five officers, since there is not a president. Officers are in charge of their own group of girls and notify them when there are upcoming events. Also, they remind members about the functions they are signed up for.

“There is an application and whoever wants the position can apply,” stated Bolek.  “Then, I will interview them briefly and make a decision based on their answers to the questions.”

Everyone involved in the group benefits from volunteer work. They are able to see how much the people being helped appreciate their actions. GLC is all about being involved in the community and showing that you are a good leader representing Medina High School.

“Personally, I enjoy GLC because it’s a chance to connect with the community with a massive group of girls,” said Junior Ellissa Chambliss. “It’s good for all of us to learn dedication and leadership in a big friendship.”

More information on GLC can be found under the student tab on blackboard or one could visit Ms. Bolek in room 1205.