Staff profile: Mr. Schellenberger

A physical fitness philosophy

Volleyball coach and physical education teacher, Mr. Jason Schellenberger, most often can be found in the gym or around in the halls, encouraging students in various ways.

“During volleyball practice he was always a good motivator and made me work hard,” stated freshmen Claire Leupp.

Schellenberger attended Highland High School and then graduated from Kent State University with a Bachleors’ of Science degree. He has taught at Medina High School since 1999.

¨My favorite part of teaching is the kids. I enjoy working with them and educating them on physical fitness,” stated Schellenberger.

He teaches four classes; P.E. for Life, Bowling, Badminton and Volleyball.  

¨I like how we make goals and try to achieve them in class,”stated freshman Chris Daw, a student in P.E. for Life.

All in all, Schellenberger strives everyday to push students to their greatest potential, and teach them to their greatest capacity.