In memoriam – Patricia Sack

Derek Demlow, Staff Writer

Mrs. Patricia “Pat” Sack was a biology teacher here at Medina High School for over 15 years. She died on February 24, 2016 at the age of 63 due to complications with cancer. She will be remembered as a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher.

Mrs. Sack graduated from Hall High School in 1970, and pursued her field in education at Illinois Valley Community College and Illinois State University. She then graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 1974. Her degree allowed her to begin her teaching at Medina High School in 1998.

Mrs. Sack was well known in the science community here at MHS, helping her fellow teachers in ways that went beyond the science curriculum.

“She made sure teachers were advocates for themselves,” says Mrs. Jessica Niemantsverdriet, better known as Mrs. Niemo, another biology teacher at MHS. “She encouraged me to stand up for myself and make sure my voice was heard.”

Mrs. Sack helped Mrs. Niemo when she first started her career as a teacher at MHS. Providing helpful advice and different labs, Mrs. Sack gave her time to make sure that her and her colleagues would succeed. She was also a source of support for students whenever the need arose.

“You could always go to her if you had a question, and she had very high expectations for her students,” says Mrs. Niemo. “If any student thinks that I am a good teacher, it’s in large part due to the instruction I received from [Mrs. Sack].”

Along with giving her time to her teachers and students, Mrs. Sack also benefitted the community as a whole. She helped to inaugurate the Junk Boat Float, a tradition we uphold here at MHS that involves creating boats of of recyclable materials. Unfortunately, at the time of the first Junk Boat Float, Mrs. Sack was busy setting up the boats and missed out on receiving the proper recognition for her work on the event.

Mrs. Sack was an extremely influential teacher and role model for both teachers and students here at MHS. Her work here will transfer over for years to come, and we know that she will be well remembered far into the future. We thank you for all you’ve done Mrs. Sack, and you will be dearly missed.