Staff profile: Mrs. Stephens

Adding a friendly touch to testing

The testing center is commonly known as a place for students to complete unfinished tests. Who runs this important room? None other than Mrs. Gloria Stephens.

Stephens is also available to assist students in the testing center. She receives most tests from math teachers, Mrs. Erin Kelley and Mrs.Charlotte Kolke.

Stephens has been in education since 1971. She first started teaching private music lessons and then moved on to work in a school to teach music.

For 23 years Stephens has worked as a paraprofessional within the school system spending the majority of her time at Medina High School and A. I. Root Middle School and one year teaching in Asia.

“Living in the community is a advantageous” says Stephens. “Often I see grads and get updates on college life, marriages, children and jobs.  It is great satisfaction to see students who become self assured and blossom in their environment. Since I have been here so long, I know parents of our students who are also MHS grads.”

All four of her children are graduates from MHS. Her daughter Tori Augustine was the editor for The Medinamite in the early 1990’s.

Many students and teachers depend on the testing center and Mrs. Stephens helps them with a positive attitude and smile.