MHS left in laughter

“No Foolin'” a resounding success


Andy Newman MCs No Foolin

The comedy performance “No Foolin’” took place in the Performing Arts Center of Medina High School on Friday, April 1, 2016. The show was developed by local high school students in the community in support of the Collin Kiousis Cancer Research fund.

The show was opened by a gracious performance by local Medina band, The Parking Lot Seagulls. They performed many of their own songs, including their rendition of “Monster Mash.” Improv Club president Andy Newman then proceeded to inform the audience of how the show would be run. It was split into two portions; individual comedian performances, and multiple improv games.

There were a total of four comedians who took the stage on their own, including Andy Newman, Kyle Gottschalk, Ali Alramzi, and Jordan Houston. The crowd was laughing hysterically after relatable stories about embarrassing childhood memories, lengthy family reunions and troubles at the workplace.

Between each comedy act, an improv game was performed onstage. Like any typical improv club meeting, improv games test the wittiness of the club members by giving them certain situations or circumstances that they must act out. The games on Friday had Improv Club members making puns about household items, weaving tales about an old Vegas motel, and going out on a first date.

“I thought that everyone was hilarious,” says Shawna Wolf, a sophomore at MHS and an attendant of the show. “My favorite part was when they had to make up the story at the house and talked about the other blender.”

To add to the fun of the act, audience members were allowed to contribute to the performance. Before heading into the auditorium, people could write interesting sentences for improv members to say aloud during one of their games. There were also special tickets that audience members could buy to sit up onstage with the club members, where they could shout out suggestions for games and volunteer to be a part of the act.

“I felt like I was part of the show, being up on stage and shouting suggestions. It even made the crowd improvise on the spot,” says Kelly Kriner, Intro to Journalism and News Production teacher. Kriner purchased one of the special $25 tickets that allowed her to sit up on stage with the improv team.

With all the laughter and fun that occurred, every dollar spent to enjoy “No Foolin’” was donated to the Collin Cares Cure Cancer fund, to help with cancer research. Kiousis is a student who has graduated from MHS, and now fights off colon cancer. In his honor, over $4000 was donated from “No Foolin’.”

“I thought it was a really great show,” says Mike LoSchiavo, a member of Improv Club who also took part in the show. He performed improv games with his fellow members. “It was the funniest thing Medina has ever seen since first meeting Brunswick.” LoSchiavo says that he also has plans to run “No Foolin’” his senior year.

All in all, “No Foolin’” was an astounding success, bringing in people from all over Medina County to come and laugh together for a very good cause. Not only that, but this is the first of hopefully many annual shows to take place on April Fool’s Day. If you didn’t get a chance to try out or attend this year, there’s always next year!