Staff Profile: Mr. Fallow

Sharing a love of history and how events shape our world

Mr. Nathan Fallow, a history teacher at Medina High School, is a teacher that jokes around with kids and plans his lessons out in advance.

Mr. Fallow has been teaching at Medina for seven months and by the end of this year, will wrap up his first school year. He is proud to be a teacher at Medina and is even more proud of the students here.

“Fantastic school and even better students,” said Mr. Fallow.

He has a lot of favorite teacher moments with his students. “I really enjoy when you can see the kids finally understanding the lesson and see the joy in learning.”

Mr. Fallow went to Cloverleaf High School, then to the University of Akron. He wanted to teach history or social studies because when he was a kid, it was one of the subjects that had fascinated him the most and he wanted to help kids learn about the world’s history.

“I always liked helping people to better understand the events that shape the world that we live in today.”