Almost, Maine is almost here


Drama Club is not a regular club, as its members consist of people who are currently involved in the play or musical. The time spent preparing for the performances vary based on participants’ roles.

Drama Club’s spring play, Almost, Maine, written by John Cariani, is a romantic comedy that consists of nine little love stories or vignettes. They take place in the mythical town called Almost, Maine and all occur at the exact same moment on the same day.

The play is directed by English teacher Mr. Ron Douglas and student directed by Michaela Lyons. Douglas chooses the production based on the appropriateness and the number of roles.

Actress and Senior Gabby Husbands stated that during her scene, “Hope comes home from Bangor to tie up loose ends with her former lover Daniel Harding, to find he has already moved on.” Gabby also described her character, Hope, as “A neurotic college kid who has a lot of emotion.”

There are 19 students performing in the show, a large cast of 9 girls and 10 boys. Auditions for these roles took place two days in early February.

The students and their roles are:

Logan Usher (Pete), Addie Schneider (Ginette), Julia VanWagnen (Glory), Ben West (East), Ben Ferling (Jimmy), McKenna Dowd (Sandrine), Kaley Kralovic (Waitress), Audrey Baker (Marvalyn), C.J. Christe (Steve), Rose McMillan (Gayle), Adam Usher (Lendall), Mason Henning (Randy), Tony Albery (Chad), Emily Fazio (Marci), Brendan Junge (Phil), Gabby Husbands (Hope), Joseph Tucker (Man), BeBe Ciupak (Rhonda), Tommy Evans (Dave).

To advertise the play, posters are placed around the school and sometimes video production will record rehearsal and show clips on the morning announcements.

The show is April 15 and 16 at 7PM in the middle auditorium. Tickets can be purchased at the door about 45 minutes beforehand.