Coach Hassinger


Chloe Wise, Staff Writer

Head basketball coach, and physical education teacher, Chris Hassinger, isn’t your normal staff member.

Hass started working in Medina 22 years ago as a physical education teacher. He taught in three different schools all at the same time which include, Claggett, Ella Canavan, and Garfield Elementary.

While working here, he enjoys many things but building closer relationships with students, he loves.

“I like building relationships, it’s fun to get to know people more deeply than just a typical student-teacher relationship. I love to learn about their families, their home life, and their interests because I think you get more out of kids,” said Hassinger.

Even though he loves the job and the people he still gets stressed out.

“Absolutely, it’s very stressful. There’s a lot of pressure to win, there’s a lot of pressure to change kids lives, there’s a lot of pressure to deal with kids who are struggling, and trying to figure out ways to help them,” stated Hass.

From being a student to an adult he reflects on what is most important now versus before.

“I want them to get out of it that it’s a life-long commitment, it doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be intense, but you have to understand why your health is so important. As you get older there’s a few things that matter most. One, is your health, your family and friends. The other things that you thought were important really aren’t as important as you thought they were when you were young, and your quality of life in your later years means so much more,” said Hass.

Hass has learned a lot more from being a coach than a player.

“I think it’s easier to see things from the sidelines than it is from the court.  As a person standing on the sidelines you can see what happens versus when you’re in the game, it’s much more difficult,” stated Hass.

Overall he enjoys being the head coach for the team and enjoys the players.

“I love it, it gives me a chance to build closer relationships with the kids outside of school,” said Hass.

He’s expecting next season’s team to be good.

“We expect to be better than this year, we have a lot of returning players, we feel like we have a good nucleus coming back and we will not have as much of a drop off this coming year. We’ll be able to build off what we did this year,” stated Hass.

With three of our players leaving next year such as Jon Teske, Matt Mcnaughton, and Jimmy Clark, Coach Hass still expects it to be a good year.

Hass started getting aids for the basketball team because it makes the whole thing run a lot smoother.

“I think when you have managers it makes the coaches life much easier and were very picky about or managers because we want responsible kids that we don’t have to babysit all the time, we want kids who are go getters, we want kids that are motivated, and we want them to feel that they are just as much as apart of the team as the players,” said Hass.

Overall Coach Hass is a one in a million person with a funny personality and a great attitude.