No longer a walk in the PARCC

AIR tests replace the PARCC tests

The AIR tests will be shutting down Medina High School April 25 through  April 28th. These are the state mandated tests, similar to the PARCC tests students completed last year.

Starting April 25th, sophomores will come and take the English test in the morning, followed by the freshman in the afternoon. Then, the same schedule will be followed on the 26th with Geometry and Algebra exams. On the 27th, the History test will be taken in the morning followed by the Government test in the afternoon. The final test will be Biology on the morning of the 28th.

Andy Brenner, one of the MHS Principals, said, “The state of Ohio made the decision, not Medina High School,” when asked why AIR tests instead of PARCC tests will be administered this year. “They got rid of the PARCC tests and also the OGTs for everyone who hasn’t already taken it.”

This year, instead of beginning classes two hours later each day, there will be one week of just testing. Brenner said this was decided because “the students last year did not like having such a long testing time, and neither did the teachers. So, this year we condensed it down to a whole week of tests to get it all out of the way.”

If there is not a test a student needs to take that week, it is not necessary that they come to school. No test means no class.

“Everyone takes the test,” according to Brenner, “AP classes are really the only ones who do not have to take it. It is for all subjects, all classes, all grades, all students.”

There will be 25 rooms of testing, four of which will be designated to special education rooms. There will be anywhere from 20 to 30 kids in each room.

The room numbers will be located on all office windows. Student lunch codes will be placed next to the room of each test being taken by that student.

Overall, MHS staff believes that AIR tests should run much smoother and easier than the PARCC tests did last year. If you have any other questions, please contact your counselor.

To find out the times for testing, click here to check out our Daily Bulletin.