Orchestra serenades spring with concert

Medina’s Orchestra took to the stage to perform crowd favorites.


On Wednesday, April 20th, students in the orchestra program and their families gathered in Medina High School’s Performing Art Center for the Spring Orchestra Concert. Two students even came dressed as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren respectively, to show their excitement for the Star Wars pieces the orchestra would be playing.

The night opened with the string orchestra playing a compilation of Star Wars scores, including songs like Luke and Leia and The Throne Room.  They continued their performance with All of Me, originally performed by John Legend, and closed with the ever-popular Bohemian Rhapsody, originally performed by Freddie Mercury.

Chamber orchestra then took the stage to perform Every Breath You Take.  They continued their set with the theme from “Schindler’s List”, composed by John Williams. The players then closed with Counting Stars, originally performed by OneRepublic.

The symphony orchestra was the final group to close out the night, opening their performance with a compilation of more Star Wars scores, including The Imperial March and Yoda’s Theme.  Following the epic movie score, was another compilation of songs from The Muppet movies, which included The Muppet Show Theme and The Rainbow Connection.

The symphony orchestra continued the night with another compilation of songs from the James Bond movies which included performances of Goldfinger and Skyfall.

The orchestra closed their performance with their final compilation of songs titled, Rocky Broadway.  The set composed of Gonna Fly Now, Fight from the Heart, and Eye of the Tiger.

Orchestra Director, Mrs. Shelly Jansen, dismissed the freshman, sophomore and junior players to the crowd and introduced each senior orchestra member to the crowd. The introductions included what the member planned on doing after high school and their favorite memory from their time in orchestra.

The night closed out with the symphony orchestra returning to the stage and performing another compilation of songs from Star Wars.  The collection included the main Star Wars theme, Rey’s Theme, March of the Resistance, The Jedi Steps, and the Finale of Star Wars.

The orchestra concert was an overall success as students serenaded the crowd with classical music from hit blockbusters and popular pop songs.