Band concert showcases seniors and soloists

MHS Bands perform as concert season 2016 is nearing end


The Medina High School Band Association held their Spring Band Concert yesterday, which showcased an array of music over multiple ensembles, led by directors Ms. Margaret Blasko and Mr. Jason Locher.  The concert also commemorated this year’s seniors through individual recognition in their respective bands.

The concert began with Ms. Blasko’s Jazz Ensemble playing “Leap Frog” by Joe Garland. They continued with “Hit the Road Jack” by Percy Mayfield which highlighted the ensemble’s saxophone section.

Jazz Ensemble concluded with “Chameleon” by Herbie Hancock, Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason Jr., and Bennie Maupin that featured soloists Senior Laura Krupp on the trumpet, and Jeremy Cavanaugh on the baritone sax. 

Stardusters, directed by Mr. Locher, took the stage beginning was a classic jazz standard “In the Mood” also by Garland. As the brass swung their horns to the beat, the piece featured soloists Elliot Vendel on the trumpet, and Seniors Quinn Shewbridge and Caroline Calhoun on the alto sax.  

Their second piece “George’s Samba” by Lars Halle can also be remembered for it’s many solos and featured percussion instrument, the maram. Stardusters ended their portion of the concert with “Bei Mir Bist du Schön” by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda, and featured Calhoun as a stunning vocal soloist. 

Concert Band, directed by Ms. Blasko, opened with whimsical “Luminance” by Gary D. Ziek, that showcased the first fullband ensemble of the night. They continued with “Overture de Argentina” by James D. Ployhar which held true to it’s title from its’ expressive Latin rhythms to its’ “feeling of a mariachi band strolling down the street”.

Concert Band concluded with the highly coveted “Selections from Star Wars: The Force Awakens” that Mrs. Blasko won from Mr. Locher “in a game of rock, paper, scissors”.  

Concert Winds, directed by Mr. Locher, began with a rag‐time, slide‐whistle including, tune called “That Old Hound Dog Rag” by Randall D. Stanbridge. “The Haunted Carousel” by Erika Svanoe, combined a spooky rendition of the classic circus theme with a melancholy march that reached a quiet conclusion with the band members vocalizing “she fell, off the carousel”.

A soaring movie medley finished Concert Winds portion of the concert with John Powell’s “How To Train Your Dragon”.

The concert concluded with Symphony Band, directed by Mr. Locher, and their battle sound in “Vikings” that included multiple soloists to convey the sea‐bound voyage. Next, Symphony Band featured Emmy‐nominated accordionist, Mr. Fred Ziwich and clarinet soloist, Senior Mollie VanArsdale in “Viktor’s Tale” by John Williams from the movie “The Terminal”.

“Schöne Urlaubszerit” by Ivan Presern also featured Mr. Ziwich in Symphony Band’s fastpaced polka tune. The concert ended with nostalgic cartoon charm through “Powerhouse” by Raymond Scott and “A Toonful Tune” by Rick Dejonge.


The MHS Marching Band will perform next in Medina’s Memorial Day parade, Monday, May 30th.