LED shoes light up the halls at MHS


A new fashion trend that has arrived at Medina High School is LED shoes. These fun shoes light up when the owner presses a button within the shoe. They charge in two hours and change color making it great for any outfit.

The owner can plug them in overnight and have the shoes light up all day. Alex Young was one of the first to have these one of a kind shoes at MHS and they do not go unnoticed.

Freshman Claire Leupp, said about the shoes, “I think they’re really unique and cool. I would love to own a pair!”

The LED lights are attached to the bottoms of a pair of tennis shoes making them perfect for any season and super comfortable.

The port is a micro USB and on the top of the shoe is the button to make them change colors. There are a variety of colors to choose from and a mode that switches from color to color.

The USB is hidden deep inside of the shoe, unreachable to any outside weather and other damaging factors. The button is on the inside however, the owner can press it from the outside because it presses against the foot.

The shoes are known to run very small according to multiple distributors. They do recommend ordering a size larger.

No matter what shape or size, look out for the shoes that will be lighting up the halls at MHS.