Sing your heart out, MHS

A look at the Medina High School choral program

Rehearsals with these boys and girls never run flat. The members of the MHS choral program are constantly at work with their next concert, competition, or individual singing opportunity (such as the school musical, SPICE, etc).

“I have been in all four musicals, three plays, Encore for three years, Spotlights for two years and the acapella group for three,” said Senior Gabriella Husbands, a member Concert Choir and Encore Entertainment Company. “Also I’ve done SPICE, and participated in Showtime for four years.”

However, the two biggest events for MHS’ choral program are the concerts and competitions. The program holds four concerts during the school year, participates in the Ohio Music Education Association District Large Group Adjudicated Event (for all the choirs), as well as multiple competitions specifically for Encore.

The OMEA Adjudicated Event assesses music groups based on their overall performance, musical expression, and technical elements.

“At OMEA we are not ‘competing’ so we just want to be at our best,” said Senior Logan Yates, a member of Men’s Chorus, Concert Choir and Encore. 

Encore participated in five competitions from January to March, to read more about the Grand Champion title they received at the Beavercreek Midwest Show Choir Classic, check out Emily Cassidy’s article.

“Preparing for Encore is much different. We start learning our show in July and rehearse twice a week until the season ends (around early spring),” said Sophomore Megan Polk, member of Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir, and Encore. “It’s the same set of six songs for Encore the entire year so those songs and choreography really get ingrained in your mind.”

Although, preparing for OMEA versus concerts is actually “very similar” according Polk.

“We rehearse the songs assigned to our choir every quarter in class, so it’s a long process, but you really get to understand the music,” said Polk.

The MHS choral program’s last concert on March 1st, showcased the more common choral music seen at most of their concerts. SHOWTIME is the only concert that overall, features more modern music.

“So many people nowadays are so busy blasting pop music in their cars that they never notice how many different types of songs there are,” said Senior BeBe Ciupak, member of Concert Choir and Encore. “The tone and style are completely different from modern songs, and it’s a great experience to try a whole new form of singing.”

The two different types of music can also lead to differences in stylistic opportunity, choreography, and overall sound among other things.

“I love show tunes not just because they’re in English but because they can be upbeat or relatable,” said Junior Tarah Eastwood, a member of Women’s Chorus, Concert Choir and Encore. “I don’t like how easy it is to lose choral blend, however, and start to belt. I love the general sound of classical, but it can be hard to truly connect with.”

Be on the lookout for these choir kids, because no matter where or what they sing, know that they do it with all their heart.